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Welcome to the all shiny and new PC-Wallpapers. We hope you like it.

Some great new wallpapers added to the Female Celebrites section - the beautiful Denise Richards, Cheeky Elin Grindemyr and Brookside babe, Jennifer Ellison.
The New Design is now complete and up and running, A huge update will soon be here and tonnes of new wallpapers will be added to PC-Wallpapers.
Brand new site is coming soon with lots of new wallpapers, users can also upload there own wallpapers very easy, so check back soon.
Two fantastic hot female celebrities are available for download. Both of them are always ready for action. The beautiful Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry.
Finding Nemo wallpapers are now available in the Movies section.
Corrected some errors on the site. Now you can enjoy Santa Claus as the new Christmas category has been added. Lots of happy christmas scene wallpapers to light up your desktop.
You can now download space wallpapers from our Space category, See distant planets and stars and let them cover you desktop. We have a entirely new Places category as well with wallpapers from all around the globe.
Two new great movie wallpapers have just been added too our Movies section. Let Brad Pitt starring as Achilles in Troy cover your desktop and The Gothical film Van Helsing also.
The upcoming release of the game Stalker - Oblivion Lost Shadow of Chernobyl has enticed us to add some great new wallpapers from the game, You can find them in our games section.
A great new game has just joined us, Doom 3 wallpapers are now available for download in our Games section.
Tons of wallpapers have been added to our Cars section, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lexus, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mercedes Benz and much, much more.
More free wallpapers have now been added to our Felines section.
We now have great new ring tones for your mobile with songs from 50 Cent, Eminem, Robbie Williams, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez.
Exciting news! Our Aircraft section has now been split into two sub sections. Helicopters and Airplanes and new wallpapers have been added to both of these sections.
The website has been redesigned and 10 new wallpapers have been added, also lots of user-created wallpapers will be added very soon.
Great News people! Our brand new Abstract section has just been released and have ten great new fantastic wallpapers for you to download.
At PC-Wallpapers, we have always been on the look-out for natural flair and talent. Now the launch of an EXCLUSIVE art collection from talented artist Kris Andrews. We are proud to present this stunning, colorful, vibrant, expressive art collection, and are confident you will enjoy this colour extravaganza. All work was lovingly created especially for this site, and with a limited edition on every print, (framed or unframed), they will surely be selling like hot-cakes.
Our Games section has been split up into sub sections. They are set out like this: Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball, Final Fantasy Series, Grand Theft Auto Series, Half Life 2, Need for Speed Underground and various game desktop wallpapers can be found in other games. Each of the sections have been upgraded with stacks of desktop wallpapers for your enjoyment.
Some new wallpapers to our Cameron Diaz, Christina Aguilera, Pamela Lee Anderson and Victoria Silvstedt pages. Also we have added more Jordan aka Katie Price backgrounds to show our support on Britains popular television show "I'm a celebrity, Get me out of here", come on Katie, hang in there! Mobile phone wallpaper section added, cell phones for are US friends :) Also has ring tones, java games and colour mobile phone wallpapers. They support Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, siemens etc.
Another enormous desktop wallpaper update, with new backgrounds to our Movies sections. We have also split this section into sub sections to allow you easier direct access to the wallpapers you want! Movies sub section are as follows: The animated movie Final Fantasy, The magical Harry Potter, Her queen majesties spy, James Bond, The Quest for middle earth continues, Lord of the Rings, The surreal Matrix Trilogy, The one and only Star Wars Episodes I and II, The futuristic Terminator Trilogy, Lara Crofts Tomb Raider and there is another section for Other Movie wallpaper.
A huge update, A stack of backgrounds have been added to our animals section and all the animal wallpapers have now been sorted into sub sections. They are Aquatic Life, Bears, Birds, Canines, Felines and the left over animals are shown in the other animals sub section.
Great news! our Fun stuff section is now up. We have one program so far, "Desktop Walker" a Mechwarrior walks along your desktop and can shoot shells out of its modified arms. Comes in red, green, blue and orange.
The worlds most famous footballer, David Beckham has joined our male celebrity wallpaper section.
Some great backgrounds have been submitted, thanks to 3D Passion for the desktop wallpapers. Two new Landscape images and one Science-Fiction wallpaper, he also has a abstract wallpapers for us, however we can't add it yet as we need some more abstract wallpapers.
Our Image of the Day code is now available in HTML, JavaScript and PHP. So webmasters don't delay, get your IotD today.
A great new User Created wallpaper has been added, its a very nice image of a Toyota Celica. A big thanks to Goutier for sending it to us.
Our very own Guest book is now up and running so sign it now and give your thanks to the Desktop Wallpaper team for offering all these free backgrounds for your desktop.
The new male celebrity backgrounds are now up, so why not take a peek. The gangster rapper 50 Cent, the irresistible Brad Pitt, the bad boy rapper Eminem, the gorgeous Leonardo DiCaprio and not forgetting the UKs solo artist, Robbie Williams, lots of new wallpapers.
Webmasters you can now have your very own Image of the Day integrated into your website with our new and easy, copy and paste IotD code. Also a collection of final fantasy backgrounds have been added to our Games wallpaper category.
A new addition of wallpapers in our Motorbike wallpaper section and Anime Section. Also our site map is now up and running, so you can easily find what you want.
Two celebrities have arrived, Christina Aguilera and Aria Giovanni with more images in our Science fiction, Movies and Aircraft categories too. Not forgetting our three new partners, Winwall, The Minds Eyes and Lightstar Technologies. You can find them in the links section.
The fabulous Anna Kournikova is now a part of Wallpaper Desktop.
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Current collection of desktop wallpaper are sorted in categories, aircraft, animals, cars, female celebrities, male celebrities, Movies, games, motorcycles & science fiction.